Global Data Summit


2-3 October 2017 in Golden Colorado USA will be the first annual Global Data Summit. I’m really excited about this new conference for many reasons, not the least of which that it is being held in my backyard! The Global Data Summit – or GDS – has a new format putting DATA at the center and Business Focus at the forefront. This means the GDS is designed with an equal emphasis on A) business users who leverage data, and B) data professionals who manage data. So expect to find data scientists, Chief Data Officers, healthcare professionals, marketing analysts, data modelers, cloud architects and business analysts all in the same place.

Joining the GDS from around the globe are Mike Ferguson UK, Richard Hackathorn USA, Rick van der Lans The Netherlands, Stephen Brobst The Universe, Patrik Lager Sweden, Dirk Lerner Germany, Brian Bradley New Zealand, Thomas Janssen Australia, Tjaart Riekert, South Africa, and many more.

There is a new format that includes more time for active discussions and interactions between attendees, speakers and sponsors. In these daily schedules below, note the green sections which are the times dedicated to interactive discussions – over three and a half (3.5) hours a day are allocated to this time. This means you can explore your topics of interest with the international experts in the field and the vendors who offer products and services that you are considering.

Overview of Tracks:


You can see the speaker line up as well as the logistics and registration information on the GDS website



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